Monday, January 9, 2012

400pt Fantastic 4 Team Idea

I love the new Fantastic Four figs from the new Hulk set, lots of great options to choose from and some great older figs to put on FF teams as well. So here's my idea for a 400pt Fantastic 4 theme team...

First up is the only original member on the team Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew. I went with the LE SI Version over the Starter set fig for the same points because of his higher damage output, indomitable and the trait that give toughness to himself and adjacent figs. If SI Thing is more your speed or you don't have the LE he fits perfectly fine on this team as well

Next up is the Spirit of Vengeance Daniel Ketch the Ghost Rider. This guy is prolonged damage in a nutshell. His mystics team ability means to get rid of this guy, you're going to have to take some damage. He can also heal back up with the FF team ability as well as his end dial regen, which means you'll have to keep hitting him to take him out. with solid attack and damage values plus damage negaters on all but his final click, this guy is a force to be reckoned with. Plus Don't forget those two end clicks of poison/plasticity so you can tie up an opponent, poison him, and make him take damage to get away from him.

Next we have Peter Parker this time in his Bombastic Bagman version with a vault feat added making him 93 points total. This guy's job is simple, base enemies, makes sure he gets hit, get in a hit with an object if you can, once he starts taking hits make good use of his perplex. If you can use the vault feat to position him adjacent to two separate characters expanding his usefulness. Don't forget to wild-card him to mystics by copying ghost rider for an extra damage when he gets hit. Now if you can't afford a Bagman, the SR from Hulk is the same amount of points and fits perfectly on this team.

Next up is a man who is the best he is at what he does Logan aka Wolverine, with the added feat of Auto Regen bringing his point total to 82pts. I like this Wolverine, I think he's amazing for the points. Dial is a little short but for 70 points what do you expect? He's a decent attacker and with the what the team is set up he get's his +1 attack.

So that's the team in a nutshell, comes out to 400pts exactly with 15 points used on feats. One option for possible feat change is to place the Auto Regen on Ghost Rider to make sure he stays in the game a bit longer.

Average market value for this team comes in at around $47 which is a bit pricey but there are a few cheaper options via Starter Thing and SR Spider-Man. Both of which I think would fit the team just fine

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